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  • How to help assembly-line robots shift gears and pick up almost anything
    A University of Washington team created a new tool that can design a 3D-printable passive gripper and calculate the best path to pick up an object. The team tested this system on a suite of 22 objects -- including a 3D-printed bunny, a doorstop-shape…
    - 68 days ago 29 Jul 22, 2:24pm -
  • A 'nano-robot' built entirely from DNA to explore cell processes
    Constructing a tiny robot from DNA and using it to study cell processes invisible to the naked eye... You would be forgiven for thinking it is science fiction, but it is in fact the subject of serious research. This highly innovative 'nano-robot' sho…
    - 69 days ago 28 Jul 22, 11:59am -
  • Programming pH
    Researchers have developed a technique to control pH at the local level, creating a dense array of microsites where the amount of protons is 100 to 1000 times higher than the average in the rest of the solution.
    - 70 days ago 27 Jul 22, 6:14pm -
  • New catalyst leads to more efficient butadiene production
    Researchers have developed a new catalyst that improves the efficiency of converting butane, a component of natural gas, into butadiene -- a widely-used building block in synthetic rubber and a variety of plastics.
    - 70 days ago 27 Jul 22, 6:13pm -
  • Breakthrough quantum algorithm
    Physicists are claiming significant progress in using quantum computers to study and predict how the state of a large number of interacting quantum particles evolves over time. This was done by developing a quantum algorithm that they run on an IBM q…
    - 70 days ago 27 Jul 22, 3:07pm - Engineering Tech

  • newResearchers' flow platform advances water harvesting technology
    This summer's megadrought in the western U.S. and the failure of a Mississippi water treatment plant have demonstrated the need for alternative ways to access water during shortages.
    - 17 hours ago 4 Oct 22, 6:44pm -
  • newLiDAR and radar sensors—space-saving headlight installation
    People use their eyes and ears to pick up on traffic situations involving potential hazards. For self-driving vehicles to do the same thing, they need a whole host of sensors. As the number of sensors they contain increases, however, so too does the…
    - 17 hours ago 4 Oct 22, 6:40pm -
  • newCrash test dummies for e-scooters
    Practical and environmentally friendly, e-scooters offer great flexibility. It is no wonder that more and more people are using this form of transport. However, this rise in popularity has been accompanied by an increase in accidents resulting in sev…
    - 17 hours ago 4 Oct 22, 6:30pm -
  • newEngineering students create a 3D-printed functional robotic arm
    Fifteen bachelor's and master's degree students from the Barcelona School of Industrial Engineering (ETSEIB) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC) share the same dream: improving the quality of life of people with disabi…
    - 17 hours ago 4 Oct 22, 6:23pm -
  • newCoating research aims to improve aircraft de-icing
    Engineers at UBC Okanagan have been collaborating with researchers from the University of Toronto to make a significant breakthrough in de-icing technology.
    - 21 hours ago 4 Oct 22, 2:17pm -