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The Engineer

  • newStudy proposes making EV batteries from deep-sea rocks
    Researchers from the University of Delaware in the US and Canadian deep-sea mining specialist DeepGreen claim that metal rocks found on the deep-ocean floor could represent a far less environmentally damaging source of EV battery metals than conventi…
    - 29 mins ago 21 Sep 20, 8:10am -
  • newEngineering a response to the Beirut blast
    Engineers from UK disaster response team SARAID are helping Beirut find stability after this summer’s catastrophic blast. Jason Ford reports On August 4, 2020 the Lebanese capital of Beirut was rocked by an explosion that could be felt around 150 m…
    - 1 hour ago 21 Sep 20, 7:33am -
  • Manufacturers call for clarity with net zero transition
    Manufacturers are calling for additional support from the government if they are to be expected to help fund the UK’s low-carbon transition. This is one of the findings from an npower report titled ‘Your Business Blueprint – The road to Net Zer…
    - 3 days ago 18 Sep 20, 10:44am -
  • Study shows accuracy of 90-minute COVID-19 test
    Consumer DNA testing technology repurposed to rapidly diagnose COVID-19 has shown over 94 per cent sensitivity and 100 per cent specificity. DnaNudge’s consumer DNA testing device was re-engineered at the outset of the pandemic to provide a rapid,…
    - 3 days ago 18 Sep 20, 9:57am -
  • September 1956: Car park innovations
    Parking has been an issue since the dawn of the car. In 1956 The Engineer looked at innovative solutions to this perennial problem In the days before Covid it was estimated that at any one time 30 per cent of UK drivers could be found in city centres…
    - 3 days ago 18 Sep 20, 8:20am -

Science Daily Engineering Engineering Tech

  • New mathematical tool can select the best sensors for the job
    In the 2019 Boeing 737 Max crash, the recovered black box from the aftermath hinted that a failed pressure sensor may have caused the ill-fated aircraft to nose dive. This incident and others have fueled a larger debate on sensor selection, number an…
    - 4 days ago 17 Sep 20, 8:06pm -
  • GM Ultium Drives to power new generation of e-vehicles
    General Motors on Wednesday announced plans for the production of a family of electric motors and drive units for its next generation of electric cars and trucks.
    - 4 days ago 17 Sep 20, 4:10pm -
  • Medical robotic hand? Rubbery semiconductor makes it possible
    A medical robotic hand could allow doctors to more accurately diagnose and treat people from halfway around the world, but currently available technologies aren't good enough to match the in-person experience.
    - 5 days ago 16 Sep 20, 8:23pm -
  • Analytical model helps researchers fine-tune battery performance
    A simpler and more efficient way to predict performance will lead to better batteries, according to Rice University engineers.
    - 5 days ago 16 Sep 20, 4:38pm -
  • The cardboard crash helmet
    In the age of plastic waste, the environmentally conscious are hoping to replace many of the common materials, such as expanded polystyrene in everyday objects with sustainable and recyclable materials. Now, researchers in China report successful cra…
    - 5 days ago 16 Sep 20, 12:13pm -